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Game of Thrones Recap 2.9 – Blackwater

war in game of thrones

Things have gotten real for Game of Thrones as we finally see a battle go down between the Lannisters and Stannis Baratheon. Tyrion takes charge as the Hand of The King, setting up a brilliant strategy with the magical green fire he had procured a few episodes back. He uses them slyly on the unsuspecting Stannis, sending a sole ship into the midst of his fleet and burning quite a few to cinders. It was quite an impressive display of fire. This wasn’t enough to stop the would-be king however as he stormed the shore and took the wall almost effortlessly amidst the flames.

The key point of the siege was when The Hound betrayed Joffrey Baratheon and opted out of the fight when he started to see his men dropping like flies. The fight was very well shot with the exception that the sheer number of men storming the shore was not really represented well due to the limited scope of the filming but the choreography and direction was carried out well and it was easy to follow from beginning to end. Joffrey, who tried to act so badass last episode is sobered by the sheer number of Stannis’s raiders and when things start to turn south for the Lannisters, he retreats on command of his mother to stay safe despite Tyrion’s pleas.

Tyrion steps up huge (as if this surprises you) taking time to command the men and rally them into the tunnels of the castle to flank Stannis’s troops and turn the tide of war. This goes brilliantly until reinforcements appear for Stannis and Tyrion is cut in the face, barely saved by his boy squire. If anything is shown in this episode of Thrones, it is the huge heart of Tyrion Lannister. But before he could be finished off by Stannis’s winning troops, none other than Tywin Lannister rides through with his horde of seasoned warriors mopping up Stannis who stood atop the parapets of the castle yelling in vain for his men to stand their ground. Where the hell was Melisandre? That’s what I wanted to know.

Within the castle hold, Cersei Lannister sat drinking wine, being a bitch and bullying Sansa Stark with her mock advice. This woman (Cersei) is as bitter as they come, it isn’t even funny. She annoyed not only the women who were unfortunate enough to be in the room with her, but also the audience watching as she got drunker and drunker. When Stannis was above the wall and she assumed the end coming near, she retires to the throne room with her youngest boy and a draught of poison ready to end both their lives. Ironically she sat on the Iron Throne waiting for whoever would come through the door. But luckily for her and unluckily for us it was her father Tywin.

Sansa, on advisement from Shae runs to her room when Cersei left and locks the door awaiting Stannis. She instead meets The Hound who offers her passage north to Winterfell and despite herself she trusts him to escort her… I think she’s in good hands.

This was pretty much the episode, a lot of action and no stupid Dragon girls to spoil the mood. Tyrion looked seriously wounded from his cut but he fought with honor even taking one man down with his ax. The next episode is the season finale and it looks like Thrones will end again with Daenerys and her drama. It has been a bit of a strange season with no real direction due to so much going on but this chess match of a battle in this episode here was very entertaining to say the least.

Score 1 for the Lannisters.

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