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Game of Thrones Recap 2.8 – The Prince of Winterfell

robb stark and talisa

What a life lady Cersei Lannister has these days, drinking wine, eating pies and hating all men in general besides her precious Jaime. Speaking of the kingslayer, it turns out that Catelyn Stark asking for Brienne’s sword was to let him go… foolishly assuming that she would get her daughters back for him. When Robb Stark, who is busy courting the fair lady Talisa, hears about what his mother did, he impresses me with his rule by having her imprisoned.

Random fact: The lovely Talisa is played by Oola Chaplin… the great Charlie Chaplin’s Granddaughter.

Let me gloat on Robb for a second… this dude right here is the ace of the Stark family. Not only does he have the honor of his father but Robb has the gift to rule firm but fairly. When his mother committed treason he locked her up… albeit gently. When his enemies lay wounded he has their wounds tended to, and when a lady enters his tent late into the night, he gives her the business… on the floor… albeit gently. We are big fans of ladyTalisa on this side, she’s a bonafide winner and she’s pretty damn hot. Robb deserves her.

Our choice king Stannis Baratheon is almost upon Kings Landing via his massive navy afforded to him by Ser Davos Seaworth (The Onion Knight) and his allies. Dare I say that the stoic Stannis was happy? He had a rather good talk with Ser Davos as they reminisced on the war and how Robert (his brother) commanded him to hold Storm’s End. The thing about him holding the keep was that he was starved out, almost to cannibalism until his own Ser Davos- came to his aid bearing onions and other food. After their strange tale of bonding, Stannis promises to name Davos his Hand when he became king.

tyrion and shae

Daenerys Targaryen is still without her dragons, still whining, and still a big-mouth brat bragging about surviving fire. Yawn. Everyone’s favorite imp Tyrion Lannister however has a mighty scare when Cersei… that naughty Cersei told him she had his whore – but it turned out to be Ros and he sighed in relief despite the torture that Ros would suffer from his sister. After the scare Tyrion finds his beauty waiting for him in his bedroom and makes her promise to be his and it was a pretty powerful scene of love… no seriously Sibel Kekilli is an amazing actress… 

Theon Greyjoy, another completely worthless waste of screen time has had every raven killed in Winterfell for fear of Robb coming at him with his hell wolf and anger. Theon’s sister Yara arrives not too long after but not to offer him congratulations but to scold him for being an idiot and an unimpressive child murderer. Little did she know that the burnt children were the farmers boys and not the Stark boys who Theon had privately spared. For the record he’s still a dick in everyone’s book.

It was an episode of lead-up to what will be an actual skirmish in the next episode when Stannis lands…FINALLY! Little Arya Stark uses her last death contract with the assassin Jaqen by naming his own name, then bribing him an exchange for his life if he helped her escape. The assassin is so good that he paves an easy escape for the brave Arya, her greedy, fat friend and Robert Baratheon’s bastard son.

It’s almost over folks and I am still awaiting the cherry on top. Will it be the whining Dragon girl getting her “babies” back, or will it be the mighty Stannis lopping Joffrey’s head off after engaging the savage Hound?

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