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Game of Thrones Recap 2.5 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

Brienne of Tarth

I can’t say that I am not a bit disappointed in Xaro Xhoan Daxos when he reveals that his motivations for saving dragon girl Daenerys Targaryen is to marry her and breed with her in order to maximize his ambitions. Why am I disappointed? Well there’s just something that doesn’t sit right when you have this light skinned, blonde/blue princess amongst a country of dusky people and she is prized so highly that even the richest guy in the city (who we are reminded comes from a poor island and made his fortune through his own devices) automatically wants to wife her. I understand that she has been treated like dirt leading up to this but when she took to the city it was very evident that she was the exotic catch of the day.

So the big man makes his move with Dany, promising her half of his massive vault of riches if she just parted her pretty pale thighs and let his Summer Island manhood roam free and bear him heirs that have the blood of her Dragonkin… what woman could refuse? But of course Sir Jorah Mormont steps in (full cock blocker status) and talks her out of it, promising instead to find her a ship and a reliable captain.

Remember that dark smoky thing that escaped from Melisandre’s crotch to enter Renly Baratheon’s camp? Well right after agreeing with Catelyn Stark to ally his army with Robb Stark to remove the Lannisters, Renly is run through and killed by the ghostly figure. Brienne, who was helping Renly disrobe at the time, is mortified and cries over his body as the guards rush in – automatically blaming her for slaying the king. Say what you want about Brienne of Tarth, but the one thing that we learned in this episode is that the girl can get down with a sword. The warrior dispatches the guards easily and preps to face her fate when Cat convinces her to escape with her and save the vengeance for later.

After his brother’s death, Stannis Baratheon moves in and commandeers Renly’s massive army which gives him the over in the numbers game for men who are vying for the throne.

Back at King’s Landing Tyrion Lannister finds out that his sister intends on using sorcery (fore bombs) to destroy the ships and army of Stannis and he talks the alchemist into turning them over to him instead. Arya Stark finally sees some good luck when one of the prisoners that she had released showed up as one of the Lannister’s newest soldiers. The man tells Arya that he and his 2 friends will repay a life for a death, so all she has to do is but name who will get the axe and they would do it. To test his word Arya puts a hit on the man who tortured the prisoners a few days before and true to their word the man ends up dead. This put a sinister smile on the little Stark’s lips.

Finally Theon Greyjoy sets out to try his hand at captaining a ship but is met with a very motley crew of men that don’t respect him. Jon Snow volunteers to join a scouting crew of Rangers in the north above the wall and Brienne swears herself to Catelyn Stark as her personal knight and protector. A decent episode whose highlight was the short 20 second fight between Brienne and Renly’s guards… that girl is a beast! I hope we get to see much more of that in the episodes to come as Cat travels home to see her Bran who (I must say) is doing a stellar job as Lord in his family’s absence.

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