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For Your Eyes Only (1981)

For Your Eyes Only stars Sir Roger Moore in his second to last movie as the British spy 007. Starting out at the gravesite for his beloved wife Teresa (see On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), James places roses on the headstone before being whisked away by helicopter to attend an emergency meeting with his superiors. The meeting and helicopter trip turns out to be a trap set by the elusive Ernst Stavro Blofeld (yes the supposedly dead Blofeld) of SPECTER. But James is able to spring the trap and escape, commandeering the helicopter and dropping Blofeld into a tall factory chimney. I assumed the drop finally killed the old man, but the credits start rolling right after and we are treated to Sheena Easton singing the famous title song – For Your Eyes Only.

When a ship holding a top secret device used for coordinating submarine strikes is bombed and sunk, Mi6 is alerted and a secret investigation is set out to find the people responsible for the attack. 007 is given the job and his first clue is the mysterious assassination of a Greek contact and his wife. The beautiful Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) had flown to Greece to rendezvous with her parents in between her jobs, but upon dropping her off on her father’s ship, the plane takes off and fires at them, instantly killing her mother and father.

The camera shows her eagle-like eyes as she follows the planes path before checking on her parents. She is the daughter of the Mi6 contact who James is investigating and her pilot was a hired hitman from Madrid Spain. Taking revenge into her own hands, Melina (A skilled archer and professional) runs into James Bond and saves him from capture after shooting her father’s killer in the back. Serving as a convenient help to Bond into the investigation, the two pursue the man who hired the hitman all the way into Greece while enlisting the help of the Italian secret service. What James eventually runs into is a crafty double cross involving a trusted informant and an alleged drug lord named Colombo (Topol).

Although FYEO (For Your Eyes Only) had some really cheesy special effects in the beginning (skin cap baldy on Blofeld), it balances out quickly with Roger Moore playing the spy quite well. The host of characters throughout are likeable, (though I hated the choice of Geoffrey Keen as the Minister of Defense) and Melina Havelock is a crossbow shooting treat on the eyes. I really liked this addition to the Moore files, and I only wished that some of his earlier attempts were as good as this one. Loved the cinematography, loved the Kristatos/Colombo rivalry and loved the Bond Girl.

Bond-o-meter Score (ranges from 1-10)
James Bond (9): Roger Moore’s best role as 007 hands down, all business no jokes.
Story (8): Although it bordered on the ridiculous, the story tied up rather well by the end and the direction only made it better.
Bond Girl (7) – Melina Havelock: Melina was strong fierce and beautiful, but her emotionless face and wooden acting killed what could have been the ultimate Bond girl.
The Villain (7): The bad guy in FYOE was not threatening or even diabolical, just a glorified drug dealer chasing money.
Spicy Rating (8): Loved it, I would recommend it even to the newbie Bond watcher. A serious spy’s tale and a 007 who chooses mission over chasing tail.


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