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First Look – James Cameron’s Avatar

AvatarToday at AMC theater I was able to join a few movie lovers in previewing James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D IMAX. The preview was a quick 15 minute series of scenes from the first half of the movie along with an introduction by Cameron himself. My thoughts on what I just saw:

Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, the CGI visuals blew me away more-so than any other that I can remember. World of Warcraft players will cream themselves after experiencing the world of Pandora which reminded me so much of the Night Elves’ world. The night scenes were flooded with neon colored lights and the daylight scenes were just beautiful. The one thing that I kept wondering was how long it took to render this beast as I witnessed scenes that looked almost too good to be true. I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a very long time and I am quite sure it will not disappoint. I bought my tickets on the way out and the movie is in December. The icing on the cake was seeing it in 3d and it looks extremely promising, the hype-machine has been rolling along quite voraciously and it seems warranted.

Do Not Fall Under The Spell of B.N.S. “Bitter Nerd Syndrome”. That means, do not read the comment section of these sites as anonymous jack-assery and industry plants try to rip this movie apart. I saw it larger than life and it looks awesome, but judge for yourself, view the trailer at the following link location:

View The Teaser Trailer Here

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