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Boardwalk Empire 2.9 – Battle of The Century

Remember the annoying black man with the big mouth that disrespected Chalky White and got the piss stomped out of him earlier this season? Well as it turns out he now works for the man; washing dishes in the kitchen of some fancy restaurant and being called “boy” by his manager. Honest work, decent pay for a square negro back then and the last thing on Earth he would want to do. Placed into the employ of this restaurant as a plant, Purnsley does what Chalky instructed him to do in making the other blacks realize that they were being used, underpaid and treated like garbage and it wasn’t worth it. Before you know it the boys are on a strike and the manager has a face full of tomatoes, cabbages or whatever else they could throw after he decided to threaten them with the police and that word “coon”.

In the meantime Jimmy Darmody is still on his god complex, offending Richard without knowing it (telling the man he will find him a nice chick for him to settle down with), refusing to pay his debts and the worst thing ever – ordering another foiled hit, this time on Manny Horvitz, Jewish gangster and butcher; a man who took Jimmy in and showed him love in his time of need. So it won’t surprise you that I cheered on Manny as he dodged a point blank sawed off shotgun blast, pulled the shooter through his glass door, wrestled him, then ended it quite poetically by delivering a meat cleaver to his brain. Oh Jimmy you done messed up now boychick.


Jimmy is however making some moves, he brings in Waxey Gordon as a partner, makes friendly with the injured Doyle (he threw the schmuck from a landing into a table last episode) and is doing the boss thing as best he can. If only he knew that his empire was already in trouble through the seeds that Nucky planted and the black section of his beloved Atlantic City was about to shut the city down.

At home with Margaret Schroeder we learn that her daughter, little Emily (Lucy Gallina) has Polio. It absolutely crushes Margaret and after burning her clothes, committing her to a hospital to be quarantined and stressing herself out, one of her maids quits in fear of bringing the disease home to her own. Margaret is warned to stay clear of Emily from the hospital but as the attendants crowd around the radio to hear Dempsey’s boxing match, she sneaks into the room and lays with her daughter. Can this woman ever catch a real break?

While all of this stuff is happening we find Nucky Thompson and Owen Sleater in Ireland trying to exchange Tommy guns for Irish whiskey. The trade isn’t going so well as Owen’s old leader is an idealist who doesn’t like the idea of making deals for his holy war through graft. Nucky is disheartened but the other leaders of the Irish rebellion love the idea. In the end after Owen refuses to leave Nucky’s side in lieu of his former master, the man is shot in the head by his own lieutenants and Nucky is able to return home with the promise of 1,000 Tommy guns for a mile of Irish booze.

So as you can see it’s still a build-up, but with Manny being attacked and Jimmy pissing people off left and right, it’s guaranteed that next episode will be bloody and crazy. I wonder which innocents will get killed in the crossfire.

Oh and the 2 agents called in to take over Nelson Van Alden’s operation are sleeping with each other. Big yawn from me, I truly hope that we won’t be getting much screen time from this tired attempt at bringing in a 3rd player to the drama that is Enoch Thompson’s life.

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