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Boardwalk Empire 2.4 – What Does The Bee Do?

Two strange things dawned on me watching this ep… One, people refer to Chalky’s wife as “Mrs. White”, meaning that dude’s last name really is “white” and two, Margaret Schroeder is one shady little you-know-what.

This was another Chalky episode as we get to see how truly maladjusted he is with his uppity little family. Did you not notice how out of place this rough, gangster bred man is in a house full of light-skinned, piano playing, Shakespeare reading, proper English speaking black people? Well it all comes out this time as Chalky who had asked his wife to prepare some hoppin’ Johns (rice and beans) for dinner was served duck, to impress his daughter’s courter. Well after a day of being made a fool of by not only Nucky (who told the man to be “a good boy”) but the widows and mourning mothers of his workers that had died to the Klan, let’s just say Mr. White wasn’t too happy about her changing the menu on him.

I was tense during that dinner as if it was me who sat there as one of his children, listening to mom and dad square off over the meal choice. It of course ends in true Chalky White fashion as he calls the courter a House Negro and his wife in so many words, then storms out muttering something about showing them who the real Field Nigga is. Oh you’re definitely Field bred Chalky sir, I wouldn’t want to cross you.

Everything that day drove a point home to Chalky in the fact that he truly wasn’t where he wanted to be in the grand scheme of things. EVERYBODY was playing him. From his high yellow (faux white) wife and his beautiful children, to his white colleague Nucky who all but treated him like a boy over the Klan revenge thing. So what would you do, if you were a black Don in a white man’s world, backed into a corner by those who rely on you while you are forced to wait? You take matters into your own hands, that’s what – and so we are left with Chalky, out in his shed, pissed off like a provoked viper, cleaning the bark off of a stick.

Harrow and Angela – Take 1

Some day we are going to see Richard Harrow balls deep in Jimmy’s wife; ya go ahead and doubt it but after his sad soldier’s story about losing the love for his sister after the war and his willingness to sit for her so that she can draw him without his mask… I see it happening. Jimmy all but ignores the beauty, remember she had no qualms with going to bed with the painter’s wife behind his back and her “bohemian” ways is going to corrupt the loyal Harrow into bed before long. You heard it here first people.

Gillian’s Revenge

The most remarkable scene in this episode had to deal with the Commodore and Gillian. Gil, who knows how to make a man’s blood boil (aside from having a perfect body… omg did you see Gretchen Mol!?) does her rendition of Diana the Moon Goddess for the old man and lo and behold he has a stroke. All part of the plan apparently as it leaves him with his entire left side paralyzed and Eli and company scrambling to figure out how to continue the overthrowing of Nucky without him.

Seizing the day Gillian sits with him one night and recites the events of the night which he raped her in tremendous detail, asking him if he remembers it (since he was drunk). She admits to him that she never forgets and that it wakes her up with a start on some nights. The Commodore looks ashamed despite his condition but Gillian continues, asking him over and over whether he remembers. Before long she mounts him and lays a wicked, hard slap on his right cheek (the one with feeling) and continues to ask over and over. She slaps him again, and again, and again until the scene fades to black and we are left to realize how tortured this woman has been, and patient, waiting for the time to let it all out.

Shady Schroeder and the rest

Margaret, our beloved little confused ball of issues named Margaret is stealing from Nucky… at least that’s what the show would have you believe. But I think that this woman is putting money to the side to once again save Nucky and his loose spending habits whenever the shit decides to hit the fan. Fellas, how many of you out there wouldn’t kill for a Margaret Schroeder to be your bride? She’s smart, tender, polite to a fault, but when she needs to bring the fire she can summon up hell. Nucky has absolutely no idea what h has and sooner or later it will dawn on him and hopefully he would not have run her off by then.

As Van Alden stated when he found the words “van asshole” on a stall in the bathroom: Heads will roll gentlemen. Boardwalk Empire is about to go absolutely nuts with war everywhere. If you were on the fence about this show, now is the time to jump in. Why? Well Nucky just struck the first blow – boom went Doyle’s still… the supposed largest distribution still at the time. It’s on!

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