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Boardwalk Empire 2.10 – Georgia Peaches

So with that little cutie pie Emily sick and paralyzed from Polio, Queen Margaret decides to do what most grieving parents who beat the bible tend to do and that is broker some deals with the big man. The problem though is that Margaret has been extremely nasty, a solid tart as it were sleeping with her common law husband’s driver and hoarding away money like a pirate. So when she goes to the priest to ask for prayer for Emily he tells her that she needs to show her devotion which she translates into Nucky’s money… This is the part where I roll my eyes and face palm at her emotional stupidity.

What the hell has happened to my smart, well-put-together Margaret? The writers have butchered my girl and turned her into this attention-whore/drama magnet. She’s either breaking Katie’s balls, or pouting and fussing at Nucky as she pretends to be honest with him. Am I the only one noticing this? Can we have a return to normalcy with Schroeder please? I’m actually starting to hate her, well hate is a strong word but she annoys me.

Goodbye Angela, You Were A Doll

Speaking of beautiful women (sad face), you can forget about seeing Angela Darmody’s sweet face ever again. Baby took a Manny “Munya” Horvitz bullet to the chest courtesy of her dumbass husband playing with a killer. Manny dodged a fatal shot and countered an assassin sent by Al Capone via Jimmy last episode. Upon thwarting the hit, Munya found an Atlantic City box of matches on the killer (ahh sweet convenience). This prompted him to choke out Mickey Doyle to get Jimmy’s address, enter his home and find our Angela playing Sleeping Beauty as someone was in the bathroom showering. Holding her hostage at gunpoint, hand over mouth to muffle her scream, Munya shot the figure (who he thought would be Jimmy)  as it exited the bathroom and lo and behold it was Angie’s lesbian lover. OOPS! Munya leaves no witnesses so despite Angela’s pleas (she even mentioned her being a mother), the gangster shoots her dead and takes time to “double tap” her and her lover in the head, just in case one of them survived. Damn! I’m gonna miss that girl…

The Puppet King

James Darmody, the boy who went to war and inherited an empire is up to his elbows in shit from the negros (that practically fuel Atlantic City) striking for better wages, to the liquor he burned all of his money on not selling due to Nucky undercutting his sellers with genuine Irish Whiskey at about half the price. I mean it is just a bad time for our boy – plus now he has a dead wife! Well you can’t say he didn’t have it coming, I mean Jimmy just isn’t as smart as Nucky or his dad for that matter.

Learning that Manny survived the hit he put on him he sends Doyle to finally pay the man the money that he owed. This ends up with poor Doyle being choked out and Angela, his wife being killed. For the blacks he has dumbass Elias Thompson send out some thugs to club them in the streets as they picket and all it does is strengthen their resolve even more. Talk about a bad hand. He then tries to ease things over with Chalkie White but when the gangster asks for the 3 Klansmen who murdered his boys, Jimmy backs down due to the fact that he is practically in bed with one of those Klan figureheads.

The worst part of it all though for Jimmy (beyond Angela dying) is that his partners have lost all confidence in him. Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, Salvatore Lucania and even Doyle are forced to make drastic moves in order to sell the gallons of liquor that was now useless to Atlantic City. They thought Jimmy had the town on lock but it was quite evident that Nucky Thompson was still king, even after “retiring”. Now we get a shot of Jimmy “the boss”, driving his own watered down booze on the red-eye to make the money that should have been made in “his” own city. I tell you what man karma is a wicked bitch

So that’s where we’re at with my impressions, but for those who can’t see it, here’s a list of other notables from this episode:

  • Teddy tells Nucky that he saw him burn his father’ house, then promised that he will never tell.
  • Little Teddy should get an award for being the creepiest kid on television.
  • Nucky fires his lawyer and takes Arnold Rothstein’s guy as his legal aide.
  • Purnsley has somehow become Chalkie’s unofficial consigliere.
  • Nelson Van Alden’s wife has sent him a letter filing for divorce – never thought she had it in her!
  • The agents out to get Nucky finally detain Eli with newfound evidence into the murder of Hans Schroeder.
  • Eli made some of the goons who beat up the black people attack and wreck his Deputy for talking to the agents. He now has his jaw wired and is in bed hurt and unable to move.
  • The Commodore is talking again… albeit poorly.

It’s heating up! If I missed anything notable please feel free to let me know but the biggest blow had to be that of a mother and wife being killed when she had absolutely no dealings with that other world. Rest in Peace sweet Angela, you will not be forgotten.

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