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Boardwalk Empire 1.08 – Hold Me in Paradise

I grow more and more impressed by Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt) with every episode of Boardwalk Empire. As Nucky Thompson’s (Steve Buscemi) character development shifts from lovable boss to sinister, misunderstood, power broker I find myself looking for solidarity and it seems that Jimmy is it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the character of Federal Agent Nelson Van Alden (Michael Shannon) is as mysterious and misunderstood as they come, as a fed you want to hate him and his religious fanaticism makes him a 1920’s holy knight. In this episode, his decision to send money to the person who most needed it made my hate for him sober, and I am left with much admiration for him as a man who follows his beliefs.

Nucky is deep in trouble now, as he gets closer to Margaret Schroeder (Kelly MacDonald) as his main confidante and lover while finding that he cannot ignore his invisible enemy any longer. Eli tries to run shop in the absence of his brother and winds up with a bullet in his abdomen and quite a number in dollars stolen by none other than Doyle and his Italian buddies. The close proximity to home, in the fact that his brother, sheriff of the city was almost killed, forces Nucky to swallow his pride and seek out help in the form of muscle. Seeing Jimmy, revitalized, dressed in the finest suit and smacking around violating Johns in the whorehouse makes him ask that Jimmy “come home” in order to exact that sort of justice for him.

If you haven’t been keeping up I will explain to you that the confused, unsure war vet that Jimmy was in the premier is long gone. That Jimmy is replaced with a street war strategist, a broken and hardened man and an up and coming boss who befriended a deadly assassin by the name of Richard Harrow (Jack Huston). The future previews show Jack dancing with a shotgun to a wicked symphony and we have already seen what he can do with a sniper rifle. Oh yes Jimmy is nothing nice, not anymore he’s not and with his mother having spent intimate time with one Lucky Luciano (Vincent Piazza), he now has the intel and a wad of cash from Nucky to return to Atlantic City and paint it’s streets red.

When the episode closed, as with every one of them, we are left with a scene that warrants thought. Margaret, whom Nucky called because he trusts her was to take his ledger from his desk and lock it in a secret compartment within his closet. The bright woman does as she is commanded but her curiosity is too much in wanting to know more of her lover and she opens it and sees the records of Nucky’s illegal bootlegging empire. Margaret has yet to disappoint and when the foolish Lucy (Paz De La Huerta) disrespects her in this episode she slaps the taste out of her mouth and issues a threat right after – yes Miss Schroeder is turning out to be quite the gun moll unexpectedly.

I cannot wait until the next ep as Jimmy’s return to Atlantic City will kickoff a bloody war against the Italians and Margaret will be forced to confront Nucky on that secret life that he has been leading.

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