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Are You Ready For A Killer Klowns Requel?

This month I had the pleasure of traveling to Orlando Florida and checking out ScreamFest 2011. Part of the fun was meeting one of my favorite actors of all time Malcolm McDowell – yup Caligula himself. Another one of the highlights was to sit in on a question and answer session with the creators and actors of that old cheesy horror camp: Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

The panel was very interesting given that it showed me just how passionate and proud these people were of their creation. We got insight on just how pathetic the budget was (certain bad scenes had to be left in due to lacking the means of retaking the shot) and it showed how hard work is put into all movies, even those that we write off as “awful” or “dumb and campy”.

Hate it or love it though, Killer Klowns is still paying the bills and the Chiodo brothers plan on bringing us that same love 25 years later in a Killer Klowns follow-up. I recorded a bit of the discussion which you will see below but I was in a bad spot and the quality of the video is suspect. Anyway, what you will hear is the Chiodo’s explain how they are bringing us a requel… a re-imagining but not quite a sequel. They also went on to discuss how they want it in 3D but old school, cheesy, in your face 3D not the wannabe realistic stuff we do now.

The brothers also stressed that they wanted the movie to have the old school flavor that the original did which I think is extremely cool given the way rehashes tend to lose it’s original fans just by shiny new coat alone.

Are you ready for some more Killer Klowns from Outer Space? If you’re a young person who is clueless as to what this movie even is, you will be happy to know it is available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

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