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AMC MovieWatcher® Becomes AMC Stubs™

It’s official, on March 14th AMC MovieWatcher® Will Become AMC Stubs™. I’m still trying to decide whether this is good news or bad news for AMC movie watchers but for frequent moviegoers with a MovieWatcher® card, the program is being done away in lieu of their new “AMC Stubs™” reward program (horrible name). Immediately what struck me as bad is that this new program will cost $12/year. Which is only $1 a month but this comes after a spike in ticket prices, further refusal to policing the jackasses within the theater and higher concession costs.

While the old MovieWatcher® card was a joke (will explain after the jump), I did like to follow the points to see how crazy I was in watching 1-2 movies a week. Last year alone I spent $540 on movies, so let’s see if paying $12 extra would save me anything and break down the perks of AMC Stubs for a frequent movie watcher like myself:

Rewards for money spent versus Movies watched

So now you can stuff your face for an inflated cost and get points on your Stubs card. In the past the AMC Moviewatcher® card would yield 1-4 points per movie purchased (no concessions) and after enough points you would get a FREE TICKET! Well granted it was restricted to very old movies that are about to leave the theater – like I said before, it was a joke! Now after dropping $100 in the theater you will receive a $10 AMC Stubs™ Reward which I am skeptical about because AMC’s track record leads me to believe that this “Stubs Reward” money is not on par with cold hard cash. If it is, then that would have saved me $28 last year – woopteedoo!

Still a penny saved is a penny earned right? Oh! For you popcorn munching fatties, this card is golden, guess why? Well all upgrades are FREE! That means you can upgrade a small popcorn for a medium, a medium coke for a large and damaging calories to heart-wrenching calories! Too bad for me, I don’t do concessions (sad face). For old card holders like myself, we are promised a free year to start, we get our points rounded up for the reward points and get sent the next “reward” (too vague for excitement).

Still it’s better than nothing and from what I’ve read much better than the old MovieWatcher® cards. Trust me, as a guy that has had over 30 “Free ticket (to old ass movies) or Large Drink/Popcorn” rewards expire due to my methodology, getting $10 towards a movie that is actually new is a huge improvement – if you consider your investment. So the next time you are in your AMC and feel the need to be “rewarded” for being patient as that 5 yr old kicks your chair, grab a AMC Stubs™ reward card and start the trend of cutting some dollars off of your patronage.

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