Posted January 1, 2010 by Greg Dragon in Coming Soon

Aching for Bitch Slap

Let’s see, we have the Sexbomb, the Psycho-Slut and the Stripper… so my question is – how has director Rick Jacobson gotten into the land of my dreams to bring forth a movie like this? The sad part is it will only be shown in MAJOR cities, so small time pervs with a taste for old school B-Movie exploitation films will be left out in the cold wondering what America Olivo looks like all dusty, sweaty and packing heavy artillery. SIGH! Wait we already saw her like this in Friday the 13th… Is that Julia Voth packing hardcore, 1000 times folded Japanese steel? I need a fan, or a shake or some ice – DAMN!!!!

Still, at least we have a trailer to tide us over until we get a chance to erm… see this thing in it’s entirety. This is Bitch Slap and it even has our own favorite Spicy lady herself – Zoe Bell! Get off your snob box and prepare for awesomeness!

Greg Dragon

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