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2009 – A Great Year for Sci-Fi, Movies and Racist Bloggers

The Sci-Fi community is a closed in, introverted world of people who appreciate things fantastic, “futuristic” and intelligent. As a member of this community I can truly say 2009 was a huge year for Sci-Fi in terms of the box office. For all of the people who obviously don’t get Sci-Fi, and wouldn’t know a Xenomorph from a Borg or Cylon, the movies were still interesting and they showed up to fill the seats of the theater.

On Racist Blogs Trying to Review Movies and Videogames
With the election of US President Barack Obama and the heated exchanges between the parties, people have found it beneficial and at times profitable to release their inner silent racist via blogs and media outlets. This garbage has filtered its way into the film review world and even into video game reviews. With the internet being an open-source of information, race baiters have decided to start reviewing movies and games now with a spin on the “hidden intent” of the directors and developers. As a long-time reviewer, and blogger, I would urge you, the movie-going public to ignore the rants of people who are not into film, have no interest in film and merely use your emotional heart-strings to provide hits for their disgusting web spaces in order to further fuel hate on the web. Find a reviewer who knows their stuff, can write, and shares your views on a particular genre and look to his/her reviews if you are unsure. But remember, just because we blog our critiques, does not mean that we are experts.

If there is anything I have to say to the race baiters and Blog Activists (whose authors and audience neither takes action nor effects change in ANYTHING aside from arguing amongst themselves on a comment section), it is this: If you aren’t gamers, and you aren’t cinephiles, then most of your audience aren’t either. If people find your sites by googling racist questions, then your call for a boycott or ban on x game, or x movie will not affect anything outside of your bloated ego. Resident Evil 5 sold extremely well and District 9 kicked ass in the theater – good job on blogging to ban both /sarcasm off. Keep up the good fight that nobody knows about.

2009 was the rebirth of the Box-Office Sci-Fi Genre
This year it has been Sci-Fi all day, every day with movies like Star Trek, Avatar, Terminator: Salvation, Pandorum, Gamer, Surrogates and Moon. Hopefully this will transition into 2010 but even if it doesn’t 2009 has made enough of an impact to green lighting of many projects that would’ve seen the cutting room floor otherwise. With the upcoming Iron Man 2, Clash of The Titans remake and more, it can very well be another huge year for us (the geeky, over-analytical, nerd types). We all know nerd is the new black, it’s spilling over into all facets of life, even gaming and entertainment. It’s to the point where the cool people are embarrassed to say they don’t know Star Wars or haven’t played (insert game) on X-Box 360. I would have never seen this coming in a million years, but as much as the exploiting of our personal joys can be irritating, it is also a good thing since it means more and more avenues of exposure for every genre of geekiness.

Nothing Beats the Box-Office Movie Experience
Although I gave many movies less than stellar reviews this year, it was still a great year to visit the theater. Nothing beats crowd reaction in terms of judging the impact a scene, sequence or exchange has within a movie, as in Paranormal Activity – which had grown men whimpering in their seats at my local AMC. This feeling cannot be replicated in your living rooms, no matter how large your LCD is. I cannot imagine that exposure ever being eliminated but the lull in interest, even for our best movies, has kept ticket sales on a slow decline. We absolutely must make a go at keeping the premier tradition alive, to sacrifice a chance at seeing Avatar, larger than life, in full IMAX 3D will be a regret that any movie-goer who appreciates a good experience, will regret.

Why Spicy and Not IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes?
The Purpose of 100+ Movie Review Blogs on the Web
If I wasn’t as hardcore into watching movies as I am, I would at least bookmark 3 review sites, whose writers I don’t always agree with but respect their opinion on the great unknown. With trailers being grand, overblown, teasers – you never know what you are truly paying to go see. For this reason, a reviewer’s standpoint is invaluable. Sure you can go over to IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes and check out the random unknown’s rant about how much the movie sucked because the original was better. But wouldn’t it be worth your while to get a reasoning behind the suckage, along with what may or may not have been good about the movie? Do you really think it’s a good idea to merit a movie based on an average of 100 Newspaper writer’s percent reviews? What if 70 of those 100 are not Romance Comedy fans and you are? Does that really give you a good gauge of whether you will like it or not? Of course not, but that’s when your personal movie reviewer can come in handy. Bookmark our sites and use us as your personal film scouts, we may even get you to see a movie that you love to death and would have missed otherwise.

In Conclusion
2009 had to be one of the biggest years for great movies, I don’t mean a couple movies with a couple big named actors doing their jobs well. No I mean great movies, some which barely saw a real release but have been regarded as great by many sources. Movies like The Hurt Locker, Moon and Black Dynamite. These are movies to remember when they make their way to DVD and Blu-Ray Disc – don’t forget. We lost a couple big names to death this year, the most recent being Brittany Murphy. Many of us will continue to see her pretty face as we recycle our Sin City DVDs in the year to come. She was my hopeful for a potential Joker’s Harlequin but her life was cut short and we are left with an onscreen memory. As for movies, December yielded the usual suspects in Oscar Bait, a type of movie that is meant to be important yet sadly not for me. Sherlock Holmes will be my final theater experience for 2009 as I look forward to the new year.

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